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It is needed to emphasize that this homepage is philosophical. “Philosophy” freely translated means:

“Love for truth / Love for wisdom”.

Nowadays the word “philosophy” is often misused. “The philosophy of our company is …” or “My life philosophy is …” In these cases, the correct term would be “ideology”. Because there is a certain “own idea” which is followed.

As there is only one truth, there is only one philosophy. Of course, there are many ways to reach the truth and many “branches” of philosophy.

Ideologies there are many.

Ideology vs. Philosophy

The philosopher or truth seeker follows the way given by God and nature, respecting the inherent spiritual and material laws, which guarantee an all-embracing harmonious order.

The ideologist follows the way she/he invented and puts own rules, which have the basic focus on supporting that single idea. No matter which influence it might have globally.

It is common to use mixed forms. To have ideologies containing philosophical elements. The human by its nature “automatically” needs a certain portion of truth. All humans have a very exact (unconscious) feeling for what is really right. A 100% lie is easily detected. But a lie which has a bit truth in it can be believed much easier.

In the case of this homepage:

We are respecting the laws, the already existing structures of spirit and nature.

We are trying to harmonize with them.

Harmony* means happiness.

**own article about what is harmony.