A very help- and powerful tool: Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

Prolog: Jyotish (Vedic Astrology*), is a science, not an ideology. It is universal and helps to understand (humans) nature. An example: Gravity – All things with mass are brought toward one and another. Whether we believe it or not, it happens. Same it is with the stars: They control life independently of our opinion about Astrology. 

Secondly,  in advance, it is important to mention that the original sense of Astrology is to help to fulfill the sense of life, not to focus on making it easier!

For what a human needs Astrology?

A German Vedic Astrologer used a very nice example to explain the sense of Astrology:

Imagine You are the owner of a hotel. Suddenly, policemen come and ask You information about one guest. You also don’t know anything about him and start to become curious who he is!? You go to his room to ask him, but he is not there. The officers ask You to open the door. Inside You find the luggage openly laying. Immediately it is visible that the visitor carries many materials for an expedition, even for climbing. Further, there are special instruments which purpose You don’t know, but the police seem to able to make vast conclusions through them.

Using Astrology You can find out what You brought in “Your luggage” – and on that way, You can start to understand what is Your purpose here on earth! You can find out who You are.

That is why in ancient India – and today still – Astrologers, for example, tell You which range of professions are beneficial for a person and which can be definitely excluded. Now some might think that Astrology is restricting: No! But the “luggage” restricts!** Yes! Obviously, not everybody has the genetics for becoming World Champion in weightlifting…or piano player, or supermodel.








*Whenever Astrology is mentioned, Jyotish – Vedic Astrology is meant.

**It restricts the possibility on earth, but not the Soul.


There are five stages of love.

First, man wants help and has a little fear.

Second, when God is seen as Father.

Third, when God is seen as Mother. Then all women are looked upon as reflections of the Mother-god. With the idea of Mother-god real love begins.

Fourth, love for love’s sake. Love for love’s sake transcends all qualities.

Fifth, love in Divine-union. It leads to oneness or superconsciousness.

God is both Personal and Impersonal as we are personal and impersonal.

Swamiji Vivekananda


So simple, so hard

Did you try many times to watch directly into the sun?

Impossible at daytime, right? In the morning and evening, or when it is closed by clouds, it is far easier.

The light of the sun can be seen as a symbol of truth. The full deep truth of life and creation is so “bright”, that it burns everyone. Only those who are very strong and can bear it, are getting the pleasure to see it in its full beauty.

Imagine You would be able to see the sun entirely. How the fire moves on its surface.

We can take the simple example of the death. The death of our own life. Or also the death which is omnipresent around us. The death of our beloved ones, but also of all things which seem so consistent at the moment. The house we live in, our car, money, this planet, this universe… EveryTHING dies once. But we don’t focus on it. We don’t observe it. Same as the sun is shining daily, but we rarely watch it directly.

We are not able to face this truth. To feel it always, that everything is able to die and could die NOW, in this moment! Where is any guarantee that anything will continue living in 2 minutes? NOWHERE! But we never consider it.

If we would feel how radical this uncertainty is, we would have to face the fear of death.