Love for truth

You know the word which means: “love for truth” or “love for wisdom”? It is:


Understanding the definition it becomes a bit clearer that Philosophy is not just an abstract mental construct. So how this opinion can be so common?

Isn’t every material creation preceded by a thought, an idea, a theory?

There are no hints that any famous philosophers – more than famous architects, engineers, or any other profession with primary theoretical background – stayed in theory only!

Their work was exclusively done to bring very concrete, material consequences to our planet!

So, why philosophy and philosophers got the fame to be “thinkers only”? To not be at all useful for practical life? “Normal” and especially “successful” people don’t need it? As we see this attitude has no realistic foundation and represents just the low educated people’s idea, having conquered the public’s opinion! And it is far easier to ignore hardfacts than dealing with them. Even it is fashion nowadays: To create an own version which is more comfortable, no matter of its final consequences. Who thinks in consequences!? Especially not when they are in (a far) future …

Actually, philosophy always was, partially still is and always should be the base of all (modern) science and every creative process.

Or which scientific study can bring a reliable statement if it is accomplished without “love for the truth”? is going

to distribute philosophy which is meant for daily life.

Philosophical thoughts.

Not ideas only!